Eckerd's Clubs

Eckerd has over 70 active clubs on campus to help get students involved. Below is the list of clubs and their club heads – contact the club head to get involved! We try to keep this list updated as best as possible, but there may be changes reflected in club status or club head status that are not yet updated. Thank you!


Active Minds at Eckerd College

Courtney Blaylock

Sarah Grill

Eckerd's chapter of the nonprofit organization Active Minds is an activist group on campus that works to end the stigma surrounding mental health while promoting health and happiness among our student body! We host a variety of fun events to get students involved in self-care and proactive wellness. Join us for our open discussions, out of the darkness walks, post-secrets, painting & planting days, and many other events brought to you by our team!


Afro American Society

Aryelle Lipscomb

Bri Hashim

At AAS meetings, we usually eat food from different African diasporic countries, have discussions about things going on in the world and on campus. We plan events, get to know each other and provide an opportunity for students to air their grievances as well as to relate to students who have similar backgrounds and experiences.


Ancient Studies History Club

Caro Rackow

Arlo Kiss

We are a club that wants to inform people about ancient cultures in a fun and interesting way. Whether that is through movie nights, presentation parties, and more! Our goal is just to have a fun time while learning and discussing ancient civilisations from around the world!


Anime Club

Isabel Redinger

Thomas White

Anime club is a space for fans of Japanese media to come together to watch and discuss anime. This club facilitates fun conversations and provides a space for community enjoyment. We will be meeting in person once or twice a month depending on interest on Fridays at 7 PM. Once again, depending on interest, we may host meetings in different locations or at different times. We hope to use ES100 as our meeting space as of now.


Another Mans Trash Improv Comedy Club (AMT)

Anna Goodin

Soph Sawyer

Another Man's Trash, or AMT, is Eckerd College's very own Improv Comedy team to rival even Who's Line is it Anyway! We perform monthly, socially distanced live shows with the hopes of making the campus a funnier place. We have 6 members on the team who all love each other like extended family at a family reunion. Comedy is our game and we are trying to make you laugh. We hope to see you at a show or just come by to laugh your socks off!



Jenna Williams

Sarah Rhodes

The anthrozoology club is a club that aims to connect students with the field of Human-Animal studies. With the emergence and increasing popularity of the Animal Studies major on Eckerd’s campus, we found it necessary to create a resource for students to learn more about the field. Through this club, we intend to connect students with new and on-going research that focuses on the relationships between and comparisons of humans and non-human animals. We also give opportunities to explore all the various and interdisciplinary aspects that come with this growing field, and aim to be a source for networking both with peers and mentors who share their passion for Anthrozoology and topics related to it. We have some events scheduled that include inviting professors to come and talk to us about their specialization in animal studies (such as tips on getting internships as well as how to talk about the controversy surrounding animals in human care).


Artists for Impact Eckerd

Willow Hart

Elise Shapiro

The mission of Artists for Impact is to provide a platform and community for artists to share their work through our collective and events. We collect donations for reliable grassroots charities and organizations through our events to support the LGBTQ+ community, women, POC (people of color), and other marginalized groups. Meetings will be in person outdoors at the ceramics studio (CVA 112), day and time TBD.



Ethan Sellers

Hope Powell

We're a small casual badminton club. We play for the love of badminton! We welcome everyone from first timers to pros!


Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta)

Olivia Spicer

Zoe VM

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Biological Honor Society is an honor society for students, specifically undergraduates, dedicated to cultivating an intellectual interest, understanding, and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge by encouraging new discoveries through scientific investigation. There are a few requirements students have to meet in order to be invited to join the honor society.  Some of these requirements include: having completed at least one term of the second year of a four year curriculum or its equivalent; having completed at least three semester courses in biological science, of which at least one is not an introductory course, with an average grade of B or its equivalent in those biology courses; must have a B average in all courses; and must be majoring in the biological sciences.



Jillian McStravick

Leila Koenig

This year because of Covid, we have paused everything and are counting this year as a fluke/skip because it wasn't safe to practice in the ways that we wanted to, plus there is no basketball. But normally, we have tryouts in the fall where our coaches and captains selected the team based on skill level as well as overall attitude. We practice three times a week, each practice being at least two hours, where we work on tumbling, stunting, and jumps that eventually becomes incorporate into a routine. The past few years we have been working towards becoming a competitive team (our first official comp would have been April 2020, which obviously didn't happen), so we will continue to work just as hard to achieve that goal. We cheer on the sidelines at both the men and women's home basketball games as well as perform during halftime of whiteout games and senior night. We are athletes who work hard to spread positivity throughout our community as well as become the best we can be in our sport.


Cheese Society

Sarah Davis

Jake Caldwell

Our club is the Cheese Society and we bring students together to eat cheese and crackers. We like to try to get different cheeses and broaden students' taste buds and also simply bring students together who share a love for cheese. We meet in person once a month and we require all attendees to dress up nice when they come.


Climbing Club

Elijah Blue

Ashley Fogel

Climbing Club is meant to promote physical fitness and encourage students to learn the details that go into rock climbing and other types of climbing as well. We will also go on trips outside of Florida to get people climbing outside and experience nature in a way they may have never experienced before. We will meet in-person at local climbing gyms and on-campus multiple times a week.


College Democrats at Eckerd College

Alexa Schein

Audrey Marsala



Courtney Cryan

Jack Bush

Coralisma is a non-profit project dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and education of coral reefs in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. By creating Coralisma Club at Eckerd College, our mission is to integrate students into our conservation efforts on multiple levels. The goal is to create a crew of students passionate about coral restoration by offering further education on protecting a vital ecosystem outside of the traditional classroom. We believe coral restoration is a major problem that Eckerd students want to fight. Making education on this topic accessible will help spread awareness and better our efforts as a community. We will be meeting in person, bi-weekly Fridays at 6pm underneath the Galbraith Marine Science building at one of the classrooms.


Delta Sigma Pi

Holly Sherman

Haley Tharau

Delta Sigma Pi is an International Professional Business Fraternity that fosters the study of Business at universities. The goal of Eckerd's Upsilon Phi Chapter is for its members to be able to gain a lifetime of brotherhood, networking, career development, and mentorship in order to be prepared for the outside professional world, post-college. We host numerous events throughout the semester and attend business meetings and annual conferences around the country. Our organization meets weekly, in person, to conduct business meetings (event planning, chapter updates, workshops, hosting events, liabilities like risk management, etc.)


Dream - Eckerd College

Sara Francis

Andrew Kennedy

DREAM EC aims to be an environment that prioritizes the principles of Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring. We want to provide Eckerd students with an opportunity to explore disability pride and culture, and encourage disabled students at Eckerd to engage with these ideas as well. We recognize a greater need for positive conversations surrounding disability, and want to cultivate said conversations on Eckerd’s campus as a safe space for disabled students and disability allies.


EC Garden Club

Aaron Chimelis

Colby Stratman

EC Garden Club helps involve students with sustainable agriculture and to gain knowledge about gardening and land cultivation. With daily garden work days and harvest festivals and events, the EC community can come together to maintain the garden and benefit from it. The garden is a space for the EC community to cultivate a more intimate relationship with their food, plants, and other people. Uniting those with a passion for life! Join the Garden Club if you are interested in plants and eating them:). Our work days for the 2021 spring semester are Monday-Thursday 5-6pm and Sunday 3-4pm. The garden is located in between the soccer and baseball fields.


EC Makerspace

Kayla Martin

Matt Bajor


EC Model UN

Alexandra Philllidipis

Eckerd College Model United Nations Club is committed to providing the opportunity to prepare for and participate in Model UN conferences in the region. The club helps students build and hone skills in researching, writing position papers, rules of procedure, and public speaking. We meet every other week in person (masks and social distancing required) and talk about future plans, what we want to gain from being involved, and what is going on in the international community!


EC Roller Derby

Rebecca Johnson

Sato Batchelor

If you’re looking for a new way to stay active or want to meet amazing people while learning about a great sport Roller Derby Club is here for you! We welcome skaters of all genders, skill levels, and sizes to come experience what derby has to offer. No skates? No problem. We have skates and gear for you to borrow. Roller Derby Club is building a community of people who love to skate (or would love to learn how) and want to have some fun. During a normal year, we would use practice to heighten our skating and derby skills as we get ready for our end-of-the-semester bout. These practices would be a mix of on-campus ones at the GO and off-campus with local leagues. However, with current COVID concerns, we are starting as a skating club this semester. Our practices will include lessons on the basics of how to skate. More experienced members will learn new tricks and work on skills and endurance. We will also play games and learn about roller derby along the way. Every few weeks we will do a sunset skating session where we play music and skate around campus (or maybe off campus) together. If you would like any more information feel free to reach out and I hope to see you at the next practice!


EC Spearfishing

Tommy Krumine

EC Spearfishing is a club designed to inform and teach Eckerd students how to spearfish and free dive safely and responsibly. Our goal is to give our members the techniques that are required to spear the biggest fish possible as well as to build a community over the love and respect of the aquatic environment. We focus not only on spearfishing but the rules and regulations of fishing in local areas to help build an understanding of the proper way to spearfish. This club aims to dive in various springs as well as get out on the water to catch some fish. We will be meeting in person this year in the Omega lounge (or outside of it) at least once a month.


Eckerd College Emergency Response Team (EC-ERT)

Brooks Jordan

Jack Dempsey


Eckerd Review

Karly Page

Jaime Jaillet

The Eckerd Review is our student-powered literary and arts magazine! We accept writing and art submissions from any and all members of the Eckerd community, be it students, faculty members, alumni, ASPEC, and more. If you are curious about exploring the arts at Eckerd College, our annual journal is likely the best place to start. As students, we know that the work in our pages represents not just the individual talent at Eckerd, but also the collaborative spirit of our artistic endeavors. If you enjoy discussing art and writing pieces amongst like-minded individuals, shoot us an email at to learn about how you can get involved, and be sure to check out a PDF of the latest issue at!



William Brown

Abby Baumguard


Engage EC

Carrie Walker

Kylie Anderson

Engage EC is Eckerd's student-alumni networking club. We hope to bridge the gap between students and alumni by hosting a variety of social and educational events which give students opportunities to grow their professional networks. Networking is an incredibly important part of starting a career, and we believe that alumni are the ideal place to start because they already share a connection with and want to help Eckerd students! Our meetings are happening via Zoom at this time and involve choosing and planning events for the semester, including our "How to Network" series which will feature a variety of events intending to build students' networking skills, as well as actual opportunities to network with alumni who have found success in fields that our club members have expressed interest in.


Fire By Night

Bryan Perelka

Grayson Panter

Fire by Night is an on-campus Bible study. The goal of the club is to bring Christians on Eckerd's campus together for a time of worship and comradery. We also enjoy hosting bonfires for anyone to join and have a good time. We meet every Monday night at 8:30 on the chapel lawn.


First Gen Club

Gabby Rochelle


Fishing Club

Kevin Lariviere

Jason Datillo

this club is really just a club about fishing around the campus and beyond. Using our Instagram, Tritonsfishing, we get to repost catches periodically that others can see with descriptions of where and what was used, we also will reward fish that tag our account with monthly prizes. On top of this, we will have a bi-weekly in-person meeting just updating on upcoming fishing trips as well as events such as school-run tournaments. These tournaments are our staple as they bring together our club for a good day to fish and compete for prizes. Besides all of this, it is just a great way to meet fishermen and see what is going on in the ways of fish.


Florida PIRG Students

Carrie Walker

Christyna Reagan

FLPIRG Students is a student run activist group on campus that works to train the youth to use their voice and make social change they want to see. This semester, we are working on committing Eckerd to 100% renewable energy, a zero waste campaign, passing legislation to create zero hunger campuses and engaging students in non-partisan civic engagement. We are meeting in person at 8pm on Mondays outside of the Environmental Studies building.


Generation Action

Sofie Alexander

Generation Action is Student Voices for Planned Parenthood, aim to educate the student body of Eckerd College about the individual and societal implications of human sexuality. We strive to advocate public policies which guarantee reproductive rights and ensure access to health services. Open to all members of the Eckerd Community. Generation Action enthusiastically encourages all students, faculty, and alumni of all races, gender identity, ethnicities and sexual orientations to become members.

We are meeting in-person this year. The location changes per meeting based on what the event is and we will update everyone on our Instagram, through email, through our GroupMe chat, and by the campus activities event calendar!



Noah Kudish

Eckerd College Hillel is a place for Jews and non-Jews to come together and experience Jewish culture and connect with Jewish identity. We hold Shabbat dinners every Friday night and work with other Jewish communities outside of Eckerd.


Hummus Club

Kait Kennedy

Zoe Sabadish


International Student Alliance (ISA)

Morgan Bower

Dylan Burke

Our club is the International Student Association, we bring international and non-international students together giving them the opportunity to share their differences and cultures with the Eckerd College community and campus. Our meeting times will be posted on our Instagram, @ec_isa



Collin Ladd

Elizabeth Tilley

Intervarsity is a Christian fellowship and Bible study club welcome to all within Eckerd College, including Christians who want to find a community where they can practice their faith as well as people who are curious about Christianity and would like to learn more about this religion. During our meetings, we have faith-based discussions on Bible passages and current events, group prayers, volunteering opportunities to help the St. Petersburg community, holiday celebrations, occasional excursions, and other fellowship activities.


Japanese Culture Club

Aly Crosno

The aim of the Japanese Culture Club is to provide a welcoming environment where students can learn more about Japanese culture and traditions through activities, events, and collaborations with other clubs. The club is a great asset for students considering studying abroad, working in Japan, students that are currently taking Japanese, and students who just have an interest in Japan. Our goal is to connect all students, both Eckerd students and ELS students, in a welcoming environment that can celebrate Japanese culture! Usually our club meets once a month, but this has changed a bit due to Covid. We have been hosting virtual meetings, but will start having in-person meetings after Club Fair in hopes of getting some new members. Meetings are the last Thursday of the month at 6pm; location TBD. Our past meetings have ranged from collaborations with other clubs (such as our ramen event, sushi event, international coffee hour, etc) to film nights, cultural demonstrations (like calligraphy and our annual onigiri party), cultural excursions (like the Japanese Orlando Festival), and much more! Not much has been happening this year due to Covid, but hopefully next year the club will be able to go back to its normal list of events.


Keep Eckerd Weirdbook

Aly Dotson

Olivia Bickett


Lacrosse Club

Josh Black

Isabelle Knott

Lacrosse Club is a place for people who want to play lacrosse, regardless of skill level. If you have played for 15 years and want to keep going, or never picked up a stick and want to learn how to play, we would like to see anyone come out and play. We also hope to have enough people come out that we can play games this year! We currently plan on meeting Wednesdays 5:30-7:30 and Fridays 6-8.


Latinos Unidos

Prech Potesale

Karolina Colon

We basically are a safe space for Hispanics and Latinx people to communicate what they are feeling and to know they have a community behind them who understands them. We are open to anyone joining we have in person meetings biweekly on Thursdays. We have some plans for upcoming events in the works and are super excited to share our culture with Eckerd!


Marine Life Adventure Society

Ben Brust

Ryan Loughran


Marine Science Club

Leah Knez

Reilley McHale


Men's Rugby

Jonah Rondash

Riley Giles

Men's Rugby is a club devoted to training our bodies and minds through the lens of one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. Our team offers an opportunity for fellowship on campus for men, while pairing that with some physical exertion. During normal times, we practice on the greatest pitch in Florida: Kappa Field, Tuesday-Thursday 5-6:30. Right now though, our practices are smaller and more spread out time-wise.


Ornithological Society of Eckerd

Connor O'Brien

Trevor Clair


Palmetto Productions

Katherine Foree

Skyler Paoli

Palmetto Productions serves as the Student Board of Campus Activities at Eckerd College. The mission of Palmetto is to provide fun, creative, and engaging events that are within the best interests of the student body. Palmetto members are responsible to plan events in their Director category and are aspiring leaders on campus. Some events that are highly prized include Spring Ball, our National Act or Spring Concert, Halloween Ball, and Kappa Karnival. We also have cultural, comedy, and holiday events! Palmetto Productions is also comprised of a committee of students who help Directors with small projects and events. Anyone is welcome to join the committee! We have weekly meetings and events that are both virtual and in-person.


Pi Sigma Alpha

Alexandra Phillidippis

Pi Sigma Alpha is the political science honors society. You must be a junior/senior with a certain GPA, having completed a specific amount of relevant coursework, and major in the appropriate field.


Prehealth club

Aidan Houck

Lisa Benechhi


Rock Climbing Club

Elijah Blue


Save Our Seabirds

Fairl Thomas

Jayden Jech

The Save Our Seabirds Club was created to provide an opportunity for students to get more involved in the local environment. The club provides opportunities for students to learn about the local environment and wildlife through wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, habitat conservation and restoration projects, and more.  To add a little to that, our goal for the year is to provide monthly, in person events and meetings that offer opportunities for students to learn about, and get hands on with the environment and animals. We plan to do this through local clean ups, wildlife rescue efforts, and educational meetings. We also have a small team of club officers/members who are trained and experienced in wildlife rescue who respond to rescue calls on campus and nearby areas. Students who are concerned about an animal on campus can get in touch with us via our Instagram, ECSeabirds. (or Campus Safety, as they usually send us the info for any wildlife related calls too)


Science Outreach Club

Aarushi Ghandi

Our main motto at the Science Outreach Club is to be able to involve the community in science in fun and creative ways. Some events we have done in the past are Science Trivia Nights, Women in STEM panel discussions, Busting the Myth around the COVID-19 vaccine CPS series, and ASPEC Annual Nobel Prize Brunches. This year, we plan on upholding our ASPEC and Women in STEM traditions, and also adding other in-person activities involving aerodynamics, a constellation painting event, a Run for a Cause short marathon, and many more! Stay tuned


Scubi Jew

Molly Rabin

ScubiJew is a college division of Tikkun HaYam, an organization which translates to repair the sea. ScubiJew encourages ALL college students (Jewish and Non-Jewish) to connect with the ocean and creates hands-on opportunities to do our part to repair the sea. Whether it is going on dives in Tampa Bay, beach clean-ups, or our other events there are many opportunities for everyone to get involved. Typically, in a month we will have 2 dive against debris. For these dives you will head down to the St. Petersburg Downtown Reef removing anchor lines, mono-filament fishing line and more trash. We also have 1 beach clean-up a month at the waterfront, Fort de Soto, and other beaches in the area. Lastly, we have one other event which is currently virtual listening to professors research stories or bringing in speakers who share our mission.


Shark Conservation Center

Seisho So

Colin Zazzaro


Shelling Club

Isabelle Knott

Christa Abberger

Shelling club is a new club at Eckerd this year.  We meet every other Thursday at 7pm.  At our meetings, we will briefly discuss some aspect of the world of shelling and the shells we find, and then we will take a trip to Pass-a-grille Beach on most days to look for shells.  Club members are also welcome to join the GroupMe chat if they cannot attend the Thursday meetings, so anytime they want to go look for shells, they can send a message and find friends to go with them.


Spanish Club

Iris Farnum

Josh Black

Spanish Club is hoping to help people practice their communicational Spanish skills in a fun environment outside of the classroom. We plan on having food and activities at events this year, and of course lots of conversations in Spanish! If you want to gain confidence in speaking then the Spanish club will be a great start for people at any level of Spanish. We will likely meet a couple of times a month in different places depending on what we plan for each meeting! We are looking forward to seeing lots of people this year!


Student Affiliates Chapter of the American Chemical Society at EC

Esaria Oliver

Caitlin Weid


Student Veterans Club

Kirsten Hutchings

Dan Rivera


Surf Club

Kait Kennedy

Taylor Wasco

The club consists of joining together as a club to surf together. When the weather is stormy on our side we have great surf near the jetty wall at sunset beach about 20 min from our school! There is surf in Sarasota as well when storms hit on our side for example hurricane season is from June to Nov so it is important to check the surf on our side when storms form. We will have planned trips to the East coast as the surf is strong and occurs more on that side! Cocoa beach is great for surfing and they have tons of good-priced rental boards. A lot of people are asking if we will provide lessons and I am putting ideas together for beginners to be able to learn! I also want to do fun campus activities like watch some surf movies together and more! Future surf trips are still being planned. Locally Suncoast surf shop has rentals for $25 for the whole day and gives 10% off to Eckerd students. We also have two rental longboards on campus that were bought brand new for this year! Magicseaweed, Surfline, and surf guru are amazing sites for checking surf!


Tabletop Club

Ryan Reed

Christine Lankford

Tabletop Club is traditionally a place for people to play tabletop games every Friday night at 7:30pm. After any announcements, people break off into groups depending on who wants to play what game that night. People are able to use either their own or one of the many games owned by the club. Naturally, Tabletop Club is a great place to meet new people! Since we have gone remote, we meet virtually through a Discord server but the format is still the same - there are already virtual versions of many games we would play at Eckerd (Spyfall, Secret Hitler, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, etc.), but this virtual format allows us to play other party games (Jackbox Games, Among Us, etc.) as well! We are also creating a network for Dungeons & Dragons on campus, connecting players to dungeon masters and facilitating our own long-form campaign over the weekends!


Tea Club

Cameron Dasher

Andrew Wynn

The mission of a Tea Club is to provide a mutually supportive environment where students have the opportunity to learn about the biological, chemical, cultural, and spiritual components of tea, and offer a basis for further exploration. Our goal is to offer experiences that a student would otherwise not know of nor have the future opportunity.


The Coastal Society

Allana Crawford

The Coastal Society is a club that focuses on coastal management. It is one of 6 chapters across the country, and Eckerd's is the smallest school of the 6. Our chapter mainly plans and organizes coastal clean ups. Usually, we take trips to nature preserves to assist in land management as well.


The Current

Kelli Martin

Carter Weinhofer

The Current is the daily student-run news organization of Eckerd College. We produce daily web exclusives on our companion website as well as a free monthly print newspaper. Offices are located upstairs in Cobb Gallery at 4200 54th Ave S., St. Petersburg, FL, 33711. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of EC students, staff, faculty and administration. Any questions or comments may be directed to the editor in chief, Kelli Martin:


The Sims Society

Maddie Reifsteck

Brianna Hashim


The Writer’s Room

Madison Mathias

Georgia Bobo

The Writer’s Room exists to promote and serve the writing community of Eckerd College. Members are encouraged to interact with their peers, examining and critiquing each other’s art, host campus events, and work with the creative writing program professors. The ultimate purpose of the club is to produce close circles of readers that endure through campus life and after graduation. We meet outside/inside Palmetto Cafe (depending on the weather) and we almost always sit in a circle. The circle helps us create a round-table effect for when we workshop each other's work, and is standard practice for creative writing classes as well. Often we'll workshop 1-2 pieces sent in by our members, beginning with what we think is working in the piece, then what we think could be improved, and we always applaud the writer at the end.


Tide Side Circle

Gracie Hoppie

Destiny Ross

We are a Pagan/Witchcraft/ancient religion club. We want to educate and give our pagan students a safe space on campus.


Tritones A Capella

Nora Ghavghan

Cait Mongon


Tritons FC

Kenneth McArtor

Jack Bush

ECFC is a club soccer team on campus that usually participates in competitive leagues and tournaments outside of the college. We are also usually the ones who plan on-campus noncompetitive pickup games throughout the week for all students to participate in! Unfortunately this has been a difficult year to operate, given the nature of the pandemic and the school's desire to restrict club activity to on campus events only. We are using this time to do some planning for future years in the hope that the following club heads can work towards creating a competitive team that not only participates in city leagues, but against other college soccer clubs as well! In a normal year, we would try to produce both men's and women's teams, or a coed team if player numbers are not sufficient for both teams.


Triton Kite Club

Cam Robinson

Sean Tallman

The Triton Kiters is a small unique group here on campus. Our club is all about kitesurfing and learning the sport. Our club is different as we cant really have select dates for meetings because this sport is based solely upon wind, therefore whenever it is windy, we try to go to the beach and enjoy some fun or hang out on Kappa to practice.  We are more of an independent club in the sense that it is up to the member to want to learn.


Tritons Spikeball

Sam Randall

Charlie Trent


Ultimate Frisbee Club

Kathryn Nugent

The Ulitmate Frisbee club meets three times a week to play and learn ultimate frisbee. Without CO-VID, we usually go to a or two tournament every year and play against other colleges and universities. While there has been efforts over the years to get more competitive and learn set offense and defense, the club has always just been a relaxed place to play games and hangout with your friends (no experience is necessary). There is no obligation or strict requirement to show up any of the days, just to have fun and come out when you can.


Vegan Club

Connor Jenkins

Jarrot Cole Miller

Vegan Club is all about sharing good food with good people; in the past we have mainly done cooking events in Iota lounge and hope to resume them this semester, following COVID guidelines. We cook plant-based meals from different cultures to provide more variety than what is offered in the cafeteria. All are welcome to these events—it is not a requirement to be vegan or to follow any particular diet to come and enjoy the food.



Conall Rubin-Thomas

WECX is the on-campus radio station. To tune in, go to and click the button that says “Listen Live” –– easy peasy. Host a radio show by yourself, or team up with some pals. No prior experience is necessary. You have all of the freedom to make it your own! It feels good to broadcast your favorite songs and to share playlists you’ve put a lot of love into. It’s not only a creative outlet for music expression, but also for expressing your voice with our podcasts! WECX podcasts are created by your fellow students. During this time of isolation, hearing others share their thoughts is a great way to feel more connected to the Eckerd community, and even a way to make new friends! You can create a podcast on anything you are passionate about. WECX is a very chill and flexible place that will work to accommodate any ideas you bring to the table! DM us @WECX99 if you are interested in doing one yourself!!!!


Womens Rugby

Nicole Vandale

Hello! We are the Sirens: the women’s rugby team! We play rugby competitively all across the state of Florida and sometimes even in surrounding states. None of our players had ever played rugby before joining, so you need absolutely no experience to join the team! Also we need girls of all body types to play all the different positions. We typically practice two or three days a week on the beautiful Kappa field working on fitness, skills, and game strategy. If you join, you are not only joining the rugby team, but also a family of amazing women who will support you no matter what. Rugby is a great way to stay active at college, make friends, and learn something new!

Follow us!

Facebook: Eckerd Sirens Women’s Rugby

Insta: @sirensrfc (feel free to DM with any questions!)


Womens Club Soccer

Chloe Shusky


Helena Lewis