Most Executive Council and Cabinet members chair a committee. At the beginning of each school year, committee applications open up to the student body and every student may be a member of up to two committees. For the remainder of the year committees meat regularly to plan and accomplish their annual goals. Members of the student body are encouraged to reach out to committees throughout the year with any project ideas or helpful input they may have.

Chair: Natasha Cooper


The Academic Affairs Committee helps bridge the gap between faculty and students through bringing relevant speakers, conducting programs like Pitchers with Professors, representing students in faculty meetings and providing grants for faculty-student interaction. We also design and distribute the Eckerd student planners and water bottles at the beginning of each year.






Chairs: Maxx Chadwick and Virginia Kilbourne


The Culinary Relations Committee meets weekly with Bon Appétit management to discuss on-campus dining services. We express student desires and concerns at each meeting with the goal of ensuring that we have quality dining options on campus that meet the needs of the greater student body. 

Chair: Elizabeth Edwards


The Health and Wellness Committee currently has 12 members that work to promote leading a healthful lifestyle on campus. In order to do so, we organize a Health and Fitness Week once a semester, promote programs such as the Green Dot Bystander Intervention program, and reach out to the student body to encourage healthy living in various other ways.


Chair: Will Shedden


The Financial Affairs Committee organizes the distribution of the student activity fee among ECOS positions and all clubs, and organizations on campus. In order to do this, we meet weekly to discuss and vote on requests for money from the Independent and Collaborative Venture Fund (ICV Fund).  ICV request are either fully granted, partially granted, or completely denied. Aside from weekly meetings, the committee also sits in on Fall and Spring Allocations in order to weigh in on the distribution of the student activity fee towards club budgets.


Chair: Brenna Costello


The goal of Palmetto Productions is to bring a wide variety of events to campus, that will appeal to as many students as possible. We work closely with Campus Activities staff to organize, sponsor, and run some of the best events of the Eckerd year including Springtopia, the Fall and Spring concerts, and Halloween and Spring Ball.

Chair: Casandra Castaneda


The Athletic Relations Committee is a collaboration of different types of people who help us network and get the word out about athletic events. We run cookouts, tailgates, and do as much as we can do to get everyone out there! We make some killer posters, and cheer on our mates as hard as we can.


Chair: Phoenix Ridings


The Student Engagement Committee serves to bridge the communication gap between ECOS and the student body. We manage the ECOS website and social media accounts, send out bi-weekly ECOS updates, and publish the annual State of the ECOS Address. We also produce ECOS' visual and print media such as logos, posters, and videos.







Chair: Jenny Koester


The Environmental Responsibility Committee evaluates possible environmental changes that could take place on the Eckerd campus and works to put those changes into action. 



Chair: Siobhan Brennan


The Intercollegiate Affairs committee focuses on communications with other schools. Through this we hope to find new and interesting ideas and ways to improve what we do here at Eckerd.