We want to hear from you!

Enact Change

As students of this college, we all have a shared commitment to make this campus a better place. Your student government is here to help make the positive changes you wish to see. 


Please feel free to contact any club heads, committee heads, Senators, or other ECOS members with your questions and suggestions.  

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Count on Us

Hold your student leaders accountable! Both those you elected and those you didn't. Your leaders have been given student government funding to accomplish their goals. Stay tuned for periodic ECOS Updates to see the awesome things they've been doing for you.

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Not sure who to contact?

For more information on the role of each student government member please visit our "Who We Are" page. In addition, the Student Engagement Committee exists not only to give out information, but to gather it. If you have a campus improvement idea or something you'd like to see ECOS accomplish, but you're not sure who to contact, please email the ECOS VP of Student Engagement at ecosvpse@eckerd.edu.

Executive Council


   Will Shedden


Executive Vice President 

   Olivia Hager


VP of Financial Affairs

   Annalise Kendrick


VP of Academic Affairs

   Natasha Cooper


VP of Student Engagement

   Erin Bradley




Chief of Staff

   Carter Weinhofer


Recording Secretary

   Olivia Wicki



Director of Palmetto


Director of SCSB


Directors of Culinary Relations


Director of Athletic Relations


Director of Health and Wellness


Director of Fitness


Director of Environmental Responsibility


 Directors of Eckerd's Emerging Leaders (EEL)


Director of Branding and Print Media


Director of Social Media and Technology


Director of Visual Media


Director of Special Projects


Director of Elections


General Manager of WECX


Director of ECOS-ASPEC Relations

Liaison to Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Liaison to the Office of Service Learning

   Elija Ramos-Sutherlin

ECOS-Waterfront Liaison

   Annie Fowler























West Lodge