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Executive Council

Your ECOS Executive Council is made up of five elected members and three non-elected members. Elected members participate in Executive Council votes; these positions are the President, the Executive Vice President, the VP of Academic Affairs, the VP of Financial Affairs, and the VP of Student Engagement. The non-elected members do not participate in votes, but still play important roles on Executive Council. These positions are the Parliamentarian, Chief of Staff, and Recording Secretary. 


Ava McLeod-


As the ECOS President, I am responsible for serving students of the Eckerd community in various ways. I work continuously to improve ECOS as a whole by finding ways to better its functions, its processes, and the services it provides to students. I also represent the student body in administrative meetings to make sure our voices are heard. Finally, I preside over all ECOS activities and provide ECOS members with any assistance, training, or resources they might need to be successful.



Executive Vice President


Evan Cramer -


As the Executive Vice President, my core responsibilities are to oversee and act as a resource for both the Senate, a group comprised of one elected student representing each dorm, as well as for the clubs/club heads. Beyond that, my additional responsibilities include creating and running events for the students and implementing projects in order to positively change the Eckerd community. I am also responsible for hosting Dorm Olympics, Pizza with the President, and Kappa Field Movie Nights!


Vice President of Academic Affairs


Louis Borelli - 



Along with my Academic Affairs Committee members, I help bridge the gap between faculty and students through bringing relevant speakers, conducting programs like Pitchers with Professors, attending faculty meetings and providing grants for faculty-student interaction. Additionally, I design and distribute the Eckerd student planners and water bottles.


Vice President of Financial Affairs

Maice Clanton -


As the ECOS Vice President of Financial Affairs, I am in charge of distributing the student activity fee, approximately $600,000 to clubs and organizations throughout the school year. This is done through Fall allocations, Spring allocations, and the Independent and Collaborative Venture Fund. Additionally, I work to ensure that clubs are making environmentally responsible purchases in line with the Break Free from Plastics pledge signed in 2019. In order to responsibly and fairly allocate the student activity fee, I lead the ECOS Financial Affairs Committee and preside over the committee's weekly meetings.



Vice President of Student Engagment



 Olivia Wicki -



As the ECOS Vice President of Student Engagement, I am responsible for fostering strong communication between ECOS and the Student Body. With the help of my Student Engagement Committee members, I ensure that the student body is well informed about happenings within ECOS including all projects, budgets, and events. I work with my committee to manage ECOS social media accounts and the ECOS website, publish ECOS updates, and create all ECOS visual media, posters, and logos. I also publish the annual State of the ECOS Address, and make sure ECOS is running in accordance with the Transparency Campaign by publishing ECOS budget information.

Chief of Staff

Elijah Blue -



As Chief of Staff, I am an appointed member of the Executive Council. I work closely with the President to help develop and execute goals for the year. I also oversee and help mentor the Cabinet. I attend administrative meetings and update the student discount list. I also have the opportunity to develop additional projects throughout the year.






Maddie Reifsteck -


As the Parliamentarian, I serve as a procedural consultant to the president and members of ECOS. I help to ensure that decisions are made democratically and that the ECOS constitution is upheld. I also am responsible for new and returning club charters, in addition to serving as an amendment consultant for the constitution and by-laws.  


Recording Secretary

Katya Tjahaja -


The Recording Secretary attends Executive Council meetings to take notes and voice their opinion on important topics. The Recording Secretary is available to other committees if they need notes to be taken.



The ECOS Cabinet is made up of those chosen by the Executive Council to fill the twenty five Appointed Positions. For more information about any Appointed Position's Committees, visit our "How to Get Involved" page or Presence.

Co-Directors of Palmetto Productions

Katherine Foree and Skyler Paoli

Palmetto Productions is the activities board on Eckerd College Campus.  This group of students interested in having fun and making sure that there is always something to do, bringing comedians, game shows, bands, lecturers, hypnotists, and a wide variety of other entertainers to Eckerd. This position is in charge of throwing parties, celebrating the holidays, as well as having a huge carnival at the end of the year.


Director of Student Community Standards Board


We listen to the student's side of an alleged violation and takes that into consideration while promoting a safe, respected on campus community. It's student run, so it's peers listening and considering the statements while determining if the student is or is not responsible for the alleged violation. We strive to be as fair as possible and carefully deliberate each case, so a student coming in for a meeting is always encouraged since it allows us to piece together the most accurate understanding of the alleged violation(s)


Director of Culinary Relations

Jerome Uy

Maintains the relationship between the student body and Cafe Bon Appetit. Expresses students' culinary wants while collaborating with Cafe Bon Appetit to resolve issues and improve Eckerd‘s dining program.


General Manager of WECX

Conall Rubin Thomas

Oversees all operations of the radio station from scheduling, equipment maintenance, DJs, and much more.


Director of Athletic Relations


Makes athletic events as fun as possible and works to draw in many people to support the sports teams. Hosts events alongside the sports games to make them more of a social experience.


Director of Social Media

Makayla Doran

Serves as a member of the Student Engagement Committee. They will maintain all ECOS social media platforms, and will assist the Vice President of Student Engagement in advertising all ECOS sponsored events and campaigns. They will also disseminate other ECOS-related information to the student body via social media including bi-weekly ECOS updates.


Co-Directors of Environmental Responsibility

Summer Vishnu and Emily Herbut

This individual is responsible for finding creative methods to improve the environmental responsibility of ECOS in particular, as well as Eckerd College as a whole.


Director of Health and Wellness


Works to instill a healthy lifestyle for students. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: educating students on topics of nutrition, bystander intervention, and mental health.


Director of Visuals

Rachael Flynn

Serves as a member of the Student Engagement Committee. Assists the Vice President of Student Engagement in sharing information with the student body using posters, graphic designs, Snapchat geofilters, videos and other visual media.


Liaisons to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Arlo Kiss and Karolina Colon

Spends most of their time working within the office, but will share current events and updates at cabinet meetings. The liaison position will relay information, events, ideas, etc, from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to ECOS.

Director of Special Projects

Russell Sparks

Various projects arise in ECOS and they do not necessarily fall under anyone's specific domain. This individual would organize & execute those miscellaneous projects and initiatives.


ECOS-Waterfront Liaison

Aidan McKinnon

Works primarily at the Waterfront; serves as the Liaison between ECOS and the Waterfront, creating relationships and asking for support when needed.


Director of ECOS-ASPEC Relations

Juliana Bennett

Serves as a liaison between ECOS and ASPEC (The Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College) for event collaboration and effective communication. Additionally, works closely with the ECOS and ASPEC to promote more inter-generational learning between students and ASPEC members.


Liaison to the Office of Service Learning

Alex Gordon

This individual will do most of their work primarily in The Office of Service Learning. They will serve as the liaison between ECOS and The Office of Service Learning, creating relationships and asking for support from various departments and committees when needed.

Directors of Elections

Evan Kohuth

This individual is responsible for overseeing all elections: Senate, General, and Special (in the case of a vacancy).





Alpha: Tyler Venditti

Beta: Andrew Frighetto

Iota: Ben Stolarczyk

Omega: Caitlin Weid

Nu: Jess Marks

Epsilon: Chloe Shuskey

West Lodge: Emily Robinson

Delta: Zoe O'Brien

Gamma: Arnaud Utille

Zeta: Lauren Baggett

Kappa: Sophie Kaye

Off Campus: Dan Rivera & Mariah James