Executive Council

Your ECOS Executive Council is made up of five elected members and three non-elected members. Elected members participate in Executive Council votes; these positions are the President, the Executive Vice President, the VP of Academic Affairs, the VP of Financial Affairs, and the VP of Student Engagement. The non-elected members do not participate in votes, but still play important roles on Executive Council. These positions are the Parliamentarian, Chief of Staff, and Recording Secretary. 


Marissa Bradley- ecospres@eckerd.edu

As the ECOS President I am responsible for serving students of the Eckerd community in various ways. I work continuously to improve ECOS as a whole by finding ways to better its functions, its processes, and the services it provides to students. I also represent the student body in administrative meetings to make sure our voices are heard. Finally, I preside over all ECOS activities and provide ECOS members with any assistance, training, or resources they might need to be successful

Executive Vice President

Bailey Cross - ecosevp@eckerd.edu

As the Executive Vice President, my core responsibilities are to oversee and act as a resource for both the Senate, a group comprised of one elected student representing each dorm, as well as for the clubs / club heads. Beyond that, my additional responsibilities include creating and running events for the students and implementing projects in order to positively change the Eckerd community

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Carlyn Haas - ecosvpaa@eckerd.edu

Along with my Academic Affairs Committee members, I help bridge the gap between faculty and students through bringing relevant speakers, conducting programs like Pitchers with Professors, attending faculty meetings and providing grants for faculty-student interaction. Additionally, I design and distribute the Eckerd student planners and water bottles.

Vice President of Financial Affairs

Nick Dalton - ecosvpfa@eckerd.edu

As the ECOS Vice President of Financial Affairs, I am in charge of distributing the student activity fee, approximately $590,000, to clubs and organizations throughout the school year. The three ways in which I disperse these funds are through Fall allocations, Spring allocations, and the Independent and Collaborative Venture Fund. In order to decide which clubs and organizations deserve and need all of the funding that they request, I lead the ECOS Financial Affairs Committee and preside over the committee's weekly meetings.

Vice President of Student Engagement

Geoffrey St. John - ecosvpse@eckerd.edu

As the ECOS Vice President of Student Engagement, I am responsible for fostering strong communication between ECOS and the Student Body. With the help of my Student Engagement Committee members, I ensure that the student body is well informed about happenings within ECOS including all projects, budgets, and events. I work with my committee to manage ECOS social media accounts and the ECOS website, publish ECOS updates, and create all ECOS visual media, posters, and logos. I also publish the annual State of the ECOS Address, and make sure ECOS is running in accordance with the Transparency Campaign by publishing ECOS budget information.


Will Shedden- ecospmtn@eckerd.edu

As the Parliamentarian, I ensure that the Senate, Executive Council, and all other aspects of ECOS run according to parliamentary law and in the bounds of the ECOS Constitution. I am responsible for making any necessary changes to the ECOS constitution. I also chair the Constitution, Regulation and By-Laws committee.

Chief of Staff

Anna Hoppe - ecoscos@eckerd.edu

As Chief of Staff, I am an appointed member of the Executive Council. I work closely with the President to help develop and execute goals for the year. I also oversee and help to mentor the Cabinet. I attend administrative meetings, update the student discount list and organize the annual Valentine's dinner. I also have the opportunity to develop additional projects throughout the year.

Recording Secretary

Aurora Mazza - ecossec@eckerd.edu

As the Recording Secretary I go to every Executive Council meeting to take notes and voice my opinion on important topics. I am also available to other committees if they need me to come and take notes for them. I also attend all Executive Council events and outings.


The ECOS Cabinet is made up of those chosen by the Executive Council to fill the twenty five Appointed Positions. For more information about any Appointed Position's Committees, visit our "How to Get Involved" page or Check I'm Here.

Director of Palmetto

Brenna Costello


Director of Pet Life

Kimberly Brubaker


As Director of Pet Life I oversee the entirety of Eckerd College's residential pet program. I also provide support and assistance to chair committees, facilitate meetings with administration, and consistently improve upon the Pet Life program. 

Directors of Culinary Relations

Maxx Chadwick and Virginia Kilbourne


As the Directors of Culinary Relations we coordinate weekly meetings with Bon Appétit management and with our Culinary Relations Committee members to ensure that on-campus dining services meet the needs of the greater student body.

Director of Athletic Relations

 Casandra Castaneda  ecossports@eckerd.edu

We head the Athletic Relations committee. Our purpose is to make athletic events as fun as possible and draw in as many people as we can to support our awesome sports teams. We host events alongside the sports games to make them more of a social experience. 

Director of Environmental Responsibilty

Jenny Koester


I chair the Environmental Responsibility Committee, which plans and implements various environmental initiatives throughout campus.

Directors of Branding and Print Media

Emma Gilliam and Ainsley Parramore


As the Director of Branding and Print Media and a member of the Student Engagement Committee, I am responsible for developing and curating creative content for ECOS including posters, flyers, logos and other various graphic media.

Director of Visual Media

Anwen Morgan


As the Director of Visual Media and a member of the Student Engagement Committee, I create videos for the communication purposes of ECOS.

Director of Fitness

Isabella Crisostomo


As the Director of Fitness I organize activities and events that encourage students to stay active, sometimes in coordination with the Health and Wellness Committee.

Director of Special Projects

Dustin Peters


As the Directors of Special Projects we work both independently and with other organizations within ECOS. We tackle out-of-the-box projects that don't quite fit under the responsibilities of other groups.

Director of ECOS-ASPEC Relations

Jayden Simelda-Longe

As the liaison between ECOS and the ASPEC, I develop ways for the student body to benefit from and interact with the ASPEC community. 

Directors of Elections

Meghan Long and Margaret Coyle

Director of SCSB

Caitlin Coutant


As the Director of SCSB, I work with my board and run the weekly Sunday meetings as well as work with CSIRC and the Deans when people get written up and sit on different hearing forums.

Director of Health and Wellness

Elizabeth Edwards


As the Director of Health and Wellness I am responsible for putting on a Health and Fitness Week once a semester. Additionally, I work closely with Title IX coordinator to promote the Green Dot Program and Bystander Intervention. I also work toward the general mental, physical, and emotional health of the entire campus through various smaller events.

Directors of Eckerd's Emerging Leaders (EEL)

Tom Gilburg and Briana Matthews


As the Coordinators of EEL, we help to guide first-year and transfer students in learning how to get involved, make a difference on and off campus and become well-rounded leaders. We prepare for biweekly EEL meetings by planning events, inviting guest speakers, and managing communication platforms. We seek to provide EEL members with experiences and resources that they can utilize to help define their extracurricular and academic interests as well as gain confidence in themselves as leaders at Eckerd and in life. 

Director of EEL Programming

Annalise Kendrick


As the director of a new program called EEL Connect, I seek to give former EEL students who don’t hold a position in ECOS the opportunity to mentor a current EEL student. Chosen mentors are active on campus and have similar interests or majors to their mentees.

Director of Intercollegiate Affairs

Siobhan Brennan


I chair the Intercollegiate Affairs Committee which focuses on communications with other schools. Through this we hope to find new and interesting ideas and ways to improve what we do here at Eckerd. 

Directors of Social Media

Madison Campbell and Lauren Lougee 


As the Director of Social Media and a member of the Student Engagement Committee, I work on developing creative ways to reach out to the student body using ECOS digital media platforms.

Director of Technology

Trevor Lane


As Directory of Technology and a member of the Student Engagement Committee, I help ECOS make decisions on what new tools to use and help keep the website up to date.

General Manager of WECX

Eleanor Marsh


As the General Manager of WECX I organize DJs for the student radio station and work to improve our station equipment.

Station Manager of WECX

Liza Ambriz


As station manager of WECX, my job is to help retain our amazing group of DJs, make the station known throughout campus, and handle social media & musical aspects of the station.

Liaison to the Office of Multicultural Affairs

Isha Joseph

As the Liaison to the Office of Multicultural Affairs, I bridge the gap between ECOS and the multicultural clubs and organizations on campus.

Liaison to the Office of Service Learning

Claire Bomer

I work to help promote the efforts of the Office of Service Learning







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