Eckerd's Clubs

Eckerd has over 70 active clubs on campus to help get students involved. Below is the list of clubs and their club heads – contact the club head to get involved! We try to keep this list updated as best as possible, but there may be changes reflected in club status or club head status that are not yet updated. Thank you!


Active Minds at Eckerd College

Club Head(s): Sarah Grill and Nana Paultre

Description: We are an advocacy club on campus aiming to educate and support for student’s mental health

Social Media: instagram –


Afro-American Society (AAS)

Club Head(s): Bri Hashim and Ava McLeod


Social Media:


All About Asians   

Club Head(s): Pearl Partridge and Caitlin Stout

Description: All About Asians wants to involve students of Asian ethnicity and those that want to learn about our culture. It is to help support the Asian community and bring awareness to a predominantly white college. It will involve small events like screenings of media made by Asian people and cooking. The meeting will include speaking with other members about experiences and other alike topics. 

Social Media: Instagram – @ec.allaboutasians


American Chemical Society 

Club Head(s): Esaria Oliver and Izzy Berry 


Social Media:


Ancient Studies History Club 

Club Head(s): Arlo Kiss and Isabella DeSarno


Description: The two primary purposes of this organization are (1) the furthering of members’ knowledge of the Ancient World and (2) promoting diversity, inclusivity, and intersectionality by combatting the misconceptions that studying the ancient world is only for a select group. We will do this through activities on and off-campus. These activities will include but are not limited to, ‘mini-seminars,’ movie nights, and museum visits. Each month will have a different focus of study throughout the Ancient World such as “Ancient Food”, “Ancient Clothes”, etc..  The organization will also do outreach work with  off-campus organizations, such as local museums.

Social Media: N/A


Anime club  

Club Head(s): Isa Redinger, Thomas White, Abbie Strater, Amanda Beadles, and Emily Valentine

Description: The purpose of this organization is to create an environment for anime fans to come together and share in their enjoyment of Japanese media as well as introduce Eckerd students to new experiences and artistic concepts. This club facilitates fun conversations about anime and provides a space for community enjoyment. We watch anime and bring anime fans together for fun!

Social Media: Instagram – @ec_animeclub; We also have a Discord group for club members


Another Man’s Trash  

Club Head(s): Soph Sawyer and Ryan Reed

Description: We are funny people that do funny things! Our goal is to entertain the Eckerd community and give team members an outlet to express themselves and have fun.

Social Media: instagram - @amt_ec


Anthrozoology Club  

Club Heads: Gracie Barrentine and Kaitlyn Oswald

Description: introduce our members into the world of human animal relationships throughout the field of animal studies. Since Katie is an Environmental Studies major, we are aiming at bringing in more environmental studies to reach out to more people. Our goals are to hold monthly meetings for our members to learn more about human-animal relationships as well as meet new friends and just have fun. We do want to have more field trips this upcoming school year to uplift our mission and give our members a chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle of school.

Social Media: Instagram – @ec_anthrozoology


Arabic club  

Club Heads: Guadalupe Obayi, Owen Stevens, Tally Nesvold, and Julianna Kinser

Description: The Arabic Club aims to promote awareness and understanding of the Arabic language and culture on campus through educational and social events held by student members.

Social Media: N/A


Artists for impact  

Club Heads: Gillian Probert and Grace Hoppie

Description: We use artistic talent to strengthen community and support local nonprofits. We host art workshops, host educational events in addition to biyearly fundraisers.\

Social Media: instagram – @artistforimpact_ec



Club Heads: Ethan Sellers and Hope Powell


Social Media:


Boxing Club (formerly known as the Dynamic Self Defense Training Club) 

Club Heads: Duncan Beck

Description: Practice boxing and working out in a highly safe and controlled environment.

Social Media: N/A


Cheerleading club   

Club Heads: Chloe Carter,  Emerald Massey and Jordan Westerdahl

Description: We compete, do performances and utilize stunting, tumbling and cheering as a way to increase school spirit across campus. Our goal is to support the Eckerd sports teams in every way we possibly can, along with participating in a physical sport.

Social Media: Instagram – @eckerdcheer


Cheese Society 

Club Heads: Sarah Davis and Jake Caldwell


Social Media:


Climbing Club

Club Heads: Elijah Blue and Ashley Fogel


Social Media:


Coralisma club (TBA)

Club Heads: 


Social Media:


College Democrats at Eckerd College  

Club Heads: Audrey Marsala and Izzy Rines

Description: We discuss current events, politics, policy, movements, etc. from the perspective of young Democrats and Progressives 

Social Media: Instagram – @ecdems


College Republicans at Eckerd College

Club Heads: Tony Salvatori

Description: To give the republicans on campus a voice. To help with voting and make sure that both sides are represented.

Social Media: N/A


Delta Sigma Pi 

Club Heads: Rose Queally (President), Hannah Towers (Senior VP), and Maice Clanton (Chancellor)


Description: Delta Sigma Pi is a professional, co-ed business fraternity that prepares business students for their future careers. We host professional, community service, social, and scholastic events aimed at providing our students networking opportunities and a community of business professionals. Finally, we travel to multiple different conferences across the country to meet with other DSP chapters, socialize, network, and take part in workshops for personal and professional development.

Social Media: instagram - @dspeckerd


Disability Advocacy Coalition     

Club Heads: Sara Francis and Andrew Kennedy

Description: We are a club to advocate and celebrate disabled students on campus. We host both educational events where Eckerd‘s student population can learn about disability, and social events for disabled students and non-disabled allies. We hope to make  disabled students feel more understood and accepted on campus.

Social Media: Instagram – @eckerddac


EC Feminists   

Club Heads: Anna Novak and Talia Lima

Description: We have biweekly meetings to discuss plans and to serve as a safe space and we put on feminist events.

Social media: N/A


ECERT – Eckerd College Emergency Response Team

Club Heads: Spencer Kurtyka and Brooks Jordan

Description: Provide emergency medical care to students/faculty/personnel on campus

Social Media: instagram – @ec_ert


Eckerd Review 

Club Heads: Jaime Jaillet and Rachel Shaver

Description: Eckerd Review is Eckerd’s student-run literary magazine that annually compiles and publishes the best literature and art from the people who make up this wonderful community. Our journal is a place where anyone can explore the arts at Eckerd, and not just the individual talent, but also the collaborative spirit of our artistic endeavors. Our purpose is to share and bring recognition to the outstanding works Eckerd writers and artists craft throughout the years.

Social Media: Instagram – @eckerdreview


ECQSA (Eckerd Queer Straight Alliance)

Club Heads: William Brown and Abby Baumgard 

Description: We are a space for education and community for the LGBTQ+ students at Eckerd!

Social Media: Instagram – @ecqsa_official


Ethnobot’ N’ Tea  

Club Heads: Cameron Dasher and Ansley Jacobs

Description: As a new club to Eckerd, our mission is to unite students with the dynamic relationship between plants and people through teaching, learning, service, and community building. We aim to bring this through field trips to botanical gardens and their research facilities, CPS speaker events, field excursions to local nature preserves, on-campus ethnobotany surveying, ethnobotanical gardening, and educational workshops and career preparation.

Social Media: N/A


Fire by Night 

Club Heads: Bryan Perellna and Grayson Panter


Social Media:


French Club  

Club Heads: Breanna Muldowney and Juliet Collier

Description: Bringing French and francophone culture to eckerd, along with helping others speak the language as well

Social Media: instagram – @EC_frenchclub


Garden Club  

Club Heads: Colby Stratman, Aaron Chimelis, Chloe Shuskey, Zoe Sabadish, and Kait Kennedy

Description: The club involves doing things like volunteering and working at the garden space, cultivating and growing various fruits and vegetables. We are trying to give students a space to express and learn about themselves. Currently our role is holding events and meetings out in the space that involve anything from open mics, manual labor/volunteering, yoga, etc. We’re looking to push the message of the farm and the message of being more in touch with your food. Another important aspect though is just to give students a space to go and chill out, relieve some stress, and get their minds off of things.

Social Media: Instagram – @eckerdgardenclub


Generation Action

Club Heads: Sofie Alexander 


Social Media:


Herpetology Club

Club Heads: Lily Kirkpatrick - Vice President, Gabriel Weikert - President

Description: We offer students opportunities for scientific study and research in the field of Herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians. Our goal is to maintain field research opportunities like Rainbow Run and to provide the means for students to conduct independent studies in our field through the provision of funding, equipment, and labor. Most, if not all, of the activities that we advertise, promote, and facilitate are opportunities that students would otherwise not be able to experience (such as meeting leading researchers within the field of herpetology). There are multiple research projects or programs being carried out both on and off campus that are directly related to and/or carried out by the club and its members. The Rainbow Run trips are vital to Dr. Meylan's on-going research on the freshwater turtles of Rainbow River, of which has been occurring since the 1980's. The club funds and supports all of these trips, providing students and means of transportation to and from the river. The objective of the Herpetological Society is to continue to rebuild the club, restore its vital equipment, promote and further academic scholarly research being carried out by Eckerd students, and continue to engage Eckerd students in such academically enriching activities.

Social Media: N/A


Hillel at Eckerd College  

Club Heads: Helena Lewis, Ava Trachtenberg, Jane Downer, Alyssa Bernstein, Lucy Ferlauto, Levi Yelin, Alexa Noaman, and Julie Bennet

Description: enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate students so that they may enrich the Jewish people of the world. The students are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment for Jewish college students, where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually and socially. Hillel helps students find a balance in being distinctly Jewish and universally human by encouraging them to pursue tzedek (social justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world), Jewish learning, and to support Israel and global Jewish people hood.

Social Media: instagram – @eckerd_hillel


Hummus Club

Club Heads: Kait Kennedy and Zoe Sabadish


Social Media:


Intergenerational Book Club     

Club Heads: Elianna Tenace

Description: Our club votes on novels/books to read for our discussion-based meetings. There are no genre restrictions, so our members are exposed to a variety of viewpoints. Our club is open to students, ASPEC members, faculty, and staff

Social Media: N/A


International Student Alliance  

Club Heads: Jlana von Rohr

Description: ISA brings international students and cultures on campus to share our experiences and cultures with the Eckerd community. We have done events like Festival of Cultures, EC Jouvert etc.

Social Media: Instagram – @ec_isa


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship  

Club Heads: Colin Ladd and Luke Hudson

Description: We are a religious Christian club that seeks to bring people in genuine community centered on a shared belief and worshiping of God, though non-Christians are welcome to join if they are curious 

Social Media: instagram – @eckerd_intervarsity


Italian Club  

Club Heads: Andrew Frighetto


Social Media:


 Japanese Culture Club

Club Heads: Christin Toth


Description: The club aspires to bring Japanese culture to Eckerd’s campus. We do Japanese cultural activities and educate others on such a rich culture.

Social Media: instagram – @ECjapanesecultureclub


Lacrosse Club 

Club Heads: Josh Black

Description: great way to be active, make great new friends, and have a ton of fun.  Athletic communities are unique and many members have built strong relationships which began through the lacrosse club - this is an experience we hope to continue to provide to continuing and new members in the upcoming semester. We are dedicated to teaching and growing the game of lacrosse and to giving students another opportunity to get in or stay in shape without going to the gym. Students of any skill level are encouraged to come – whether you need to learn how to play, work on your skills, or have played for a long time and just want to keep going we encourage all to join us. The club will be co-ed, as we will be able to teach and coach men's and women's lacrosse.

Social Media: N/A


Latinos Unidos  

Club Heads: Prech Potesak, Guadalupe Obayi, and Manuela Sarassa

Description: Our purpose is to diversify Eckerds campus through means of events which educate students on Latin culture whilst also providing a safe environment for Latin students to express themselves

Social Media: instagam – @eclatinosunidos



Club Head(s): Tezzerah McLean and Matt Bajor


Social Media:


Marine Life Adventure Society  

Club Head(s): Ben Brust

Description: Every weekend, the Marine Life Adventure Society takes students out on unique adventures with marine animals all across Florida and beyond. From Georgia Aquarium sleepovers to camping out to watch sea turtles hatch and everything in between, this club gives Eckerd students the experiences they have dreamed of since they were little. We have had several goals since beginning. When we started, our goal was to create a friend group  of students who would go out every weekend on adventures together. The next year the club unexpectedly grew to over 500 members, for a while there were many students wanting to go on these trips but not everybody was able to. Our new goal became to allow everybody who wanted to come on these adventures the chance to. We achieved that. This upcoming year, our goal is to try to have big positive impacts off campus just like we have had on campus. We have a really special group of really passionate people not just about marine biology, but each with their own hobbies and talents. We want to partner with different groups around Florida to create some amazing unique conservation programs funded by the public participating in the adventure. This will allow for the club to continue to grow and have a true impact saving marine life while giving the students experience and preparation for their future careers.

Social Media: Instagram – @marinelifeadventure


Marine Science Club  

Club Head(s): Leah Knezevich and Evie Moulin


Social Media:


Men’s Rugby 

Club Head(s): Jonah Rondash and Liam Fry


Social Media:


Model United Nations 

Club Head(s): Tim Schwitzgebel and Saige Puryear

Description: talk about current world events (primary international), we do simulations of current events and play out how countries would act and collaborate together to get to a positive goal, we go to model UN conferences we’re we do simulations with other schools from around the east coast. It’s purpose is to be a place for people who have an interest in international relations and other countries politics and have an interest in helping people on a international level. It’s a place for people who love international relations and who can talk about events going on with people who share similar interest. Some of our goals are to give some experience to people who have majors/ minors in model UN, to have fun with people who share similar interest, to be able to correctly inform other people of current event ( we did this via a student run news article) and to go to model UN conferences and win awards to show how great Eckerd is and how seriously we take these events! 

Social Media: Instagram – @eckerd.modelun


Ornithological Society of Eckerd  

Club Head(s): Connor O'Brien and Trevor Clair 

Description: Our club is for students interested in birds and their conservation. We engage students in the observation of birds in the wild and host projects to make campus and the surrounding area a more bird-friendly place.

Social Media: Instagram – @ornithologicalsocietyec


Palmetto Productions

Club Head(s): Aja Jones


Social Media:


Pi Sigma Alpha 

Club Head(s): Alexandra Philippidis 


Social Media:



Club Head(s): Jane Downer and Chloe McKenna

Description: Florida PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) Students at Eckerd is our student-run and student-funded non-profit activist organization on campus. We run campaigns that are focused on public interest issues on campus and in the community including youth voter registration and mobilization, climate change, public health, and hunger. Our unique funding system gives us access to professional staff, like our campus organizer who provides us with training and the resources we need to be successful in our campaigns. We have internship and volunteer opportunities to get involved to help out with our campaigns. Whether students have 10-15 hours a week to dedicate to our chapter or just a few hours a semester, we work with all students to ensure they have the tools they need to make a difference both on campus and off campus

Social Media: @ec_flopirg


Pre-Health Club 

Club Head(s): Lisa Benecchi and Aiden Houck


Social Media:


Pre-Law Club 

Club Head(s): Isabella DeSarno

Description: The purpose of this club is to further members’ knowledge of the different areas of law. To help people navigate the Law & Justice minor, along with helping people with their Pre-Law education. We plan to do activities like moot and mock trials, case brief presentations, Law case trivia nights, and info sessions about LSATS and the Pre-Law path. We will also try to do activities with off campus organizations or presenters.

Social Media: N/A


Running with Purpose  

Club Head(s): Sophia Bickerton and Olivia Barkley

Description: The goal of this club is to use our love of running and athleticism to raise funds and awareness for different causes that impact our local community here in St. Pete. We want to have adventures, challenge ourselves, and search for our limits while doing good and creating change

Social Media: Instagram – @ec_runningwithpurpose


Save Our Seabirds  

Club Head(s): Phoebe Lorusso and Abby O’Donnell

Description: educate the Eckerd community about wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and conservation. Our main goal is to provide students with tips and tricks to cohabitate with native wildlife and to provide them with opportunities to foster their love for those animals in productive ways. Our club heads also serve as Eckerd’s wildlife rescue team, working alongside nonprofit organization Birds in Helping Hands to respond to reports of injured animals on campus and providing necessary aid (rescue, first aid, transport, etc.). 

Social Media: instagram – @ecseabirds


Science Outreach Club  

Club Head(s): Aarushi Gandhi (President) and Alexis Jackman (Vice-President)

Description: Our goal is to spread love and appreciation for science! We aim to do so through many different portals and mediums. We hold talks given by faculty members from schools like Indiana School of Medicine, Harvard University, and Vanderbilt University on medical equity, racism, and the importance of vaccinations. Our more informal activities include lunches with ASPEC members while discussing Nobel Prizes won, DIY tie-dye masks, chemistry flask painting and plant propagation by the beach, and many more! 

Social Media: N/A


Shark Conservation Club 

Club Head(s): Seisho Song and Colin Zazzaro


Social Media:


Shelling Club

Club Head(s): Crista Abberger and Kionna Bright

Description: Beachcombing and shell identification

Social Media: N/A


Siren’s Rugby Club   

Club Head(s): Lily de Laforcade (President) and Traci Martin (Vice President)

Description: women’s rugby club dedicated to not only learning and improving gameplay, but providing a supportive and inclusive space for women to work & grow together as a team. Our goals are improving the team as much as possible to get as far as we can in local, state, and national games.

Social Media: instagram – @sirensrfc


Surf Club 

Club Head(s): Kait Kennedy and Taylor Wasco


Social Media:


Swim Club

Club Head(s): Eliza Patty and Rosie Cruikshank

Description: Provides a space and time for swim workouts for students in a team atmosphere

Social Media: instagram – @eckerdswimclub


Taylor Swift Society 

Club Head(s):  Julia Bennet (President), Clare Hart (Vice President), and Kathryn Brown (Treasurer)

Description:  celebrate the one and only Taylor Alison Swift and her music. We are a place for anyone from the most hardcore Swiftie to someone who has only heard a few songs to have fun and leave stress at the door. We listen to Taylor Swift, talk about news, and have fun events like trivia, movie nights, and karaoke. If Cambridge and Oxford can have SwiftSoc, why can’t Eckerd?

Social Media: instagram – @eckerd.luvs.tswift


Table Top Club

Club Head(s): Ryan Reed and Aubrey Inmon

Description: an inclusive community of students who get together once a week during the school year to meet new and old friends to play board games of all types. These can range from simple party games, to intense games of Magic The Gathering or D&D. The overall objective of TTC is to create a safe space for people to be themselves and express who they are.

Social Media: N/A


The Eckerd Current 

Club Head(s): Carter Weinhofer 


Social Media:


The Polite Society of Art 

Club Head(s): Carter Weinhofer 


Social Media:


The Writer’s Room

Club Head(s): Madison Mathias and Georgia Bobo

Description: Cultivate a writing community at Eckerd. Gather for workshops and host readings and events.

Social Media: Instagram – @ec_creativewritingclub


Tie Dye Club 

Club Head(s): Kassie Karnow and Taylor Vrencur 

Description: We tie dye various articles of clothing and accessories and plan to donate any extra that we have to the less fortunate; our goals and purposes is to have a way to relax and unwind and allow creativity to flow while also being able to contribute to the greater good through donations.

Social Media: N/A



Club Head(s): Olivia Spicer and Jayden Jech 


Social Media:


Tritones A Cappella

Club Head(s): Nora Gavaghan and Izzy Rines 


Social Media:


Tritons FC

Club Head(s): Ethan Chaipatanapong

Description: Connect the Eckerd community through recreational soccer opportunities. We host and put on weekly kick arounds that all Eckerd students are invited to attend and participate. The kick arounds are more casual and leisurely and we listen to music while playing. We additionally participate in competitive leagues both men's and coed during the fall and spring semesters. Those playing in the off campus mens and coed leagues are asked to attend practice one day a week. Roster spots for the mens league and coed league are competed for during a short tryout at the beginning of the school year for returning and new/interested students. In the fall semester the men's team won the league title, however in the spring both mens and coed teams fell short of bringing the title back

Social Media: Instagram – @ecpickupsoccer


Tritons Running

Club Head(s): Andrew Miller and Catherine Lhamon

Description: give people the opportunity to come out and run

Social Media: instagram – @running_tritons


Tritons Spikeball  

Club Head(s): Sam Randall and Charlie Trent

Description: Tritons Spikeball seeks to grow a community of active people that love to play Spikeball! We have several pickup Spikeball games a week and have weekly scheduled meetings/pickups

Social Media: Instagram – @tritions_roundnet


Ultimate Frisbee Club

Club Head(s): Hayden Fleischer

Description: Play ultimate Frisbee. Foster a supportive environment for people to have fun . Get exercise and work on their Frisbee skills.

Social Media: Instagram – @Ec_ultimate



Club Head(s): Jackson Olson

Description: Eckerd College's very own radio station! Students can host weekly shows ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, playing music, talking, or a bit of both. No prior experience is needed, just a passion for showing off the tunes they love! Students can broadcast their shows all over the world thanks to our streaming technology, and the outdoor speakers make it easy for passersby to listen to what's playing.

Social Media: Facebook – 99.9 WECX; instagram – @wecx99


Women in STEM

Club Head(s): Izzy Berry - President and Paisley Jeannette - Vice president

Description: To empower and support women in STEM on Eckerd's campus and the surrounding community. We want to facilitate constructive discussions with the intention of diversifying the STEM field and creating a safe space for underrepresented communities. This will be achieved through various events, such as, movie nights, professor and alumni panels, guest speakers, trivia nights, and partnering with schools in the community to mentor and tutor students.

Social Media: N/A


Women’s Club Soccer

Club Head(s): Chloe Shuskey, Helena Lewis, and Mae Peterson

Description: To play soccer in a safe and competitive setting for those that identify as a woman.

Social Media: N/A