Meet the Team!

Executive Council

Your ECOS Executive Council is made up of five elected members and three non-elected members. Elected members participate in Executive Council votes; these positions are the President, the Executive Vice President, the VP of Academic Affairs, the VP of Financial Affairs, and the VP of Student Engagement. The non-elected members do not participate in votes, but still play important roles on Executive Council. These positions are the Parliamentarian, Chief of Staff, and Recording Secretary. 

Christyna Reagan (she/her)

President -

Christyna Reagan is a senior at Eckerd. She is triple majoring in Political Science, Women & Gender Studies, and American Studies. She is from Concord, North Carolina which is right outside of Charlotte, NC. A fun fact about her is she has an Aussie Doodle puppy back home that is the light of her life. She is always willing to share photos and talk about dogs! Christyna also drives a stick shift. If students have any concerns, feel free to contact her whenever – even if it is not ECOS-related. Her cell is 330-707-7379 or contact her by email!

Maddie Reifsteck (she/her)

Executive Vice President -

Maddie Reifsteck serves as the ECOS Executive Vice President. As EVP, she runs Senate meetings (which anyone can attend) and organizes the Dorm Olympics. She also provides student clubs with support. You can contact her at if you need anything!


Madi Ryan (she/her)

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Madalyn Ryan is from Denver, Colorado. She is a Political Science major with minors in International Relations and Leadership Studies. On-campus, she is a Lead Mentor and a member of the Ford Scholar program. As VPAA, she is the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, which acts as a liaison between students, ASPEC, and faculty. She enjoys and wants to continue on keeping an open line of communication with students and faculty. Never hesitate to reach out to her with any concerns.


Anna Novak (she/her)

Vice President of Financial Affairs -

Anna Novak is a double major in Sociology and Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science. She is a junior at Eckerd. As VP of Financial Affairs, she chairs the FA Committee, oversees club allocations, processes reimbursements, as well as many other duties. She is in charge of distributing the student activity fee and makes sure clubs are making environmentally responsible purchases.


Michael Jerome (he/him)

Vice President of Student Engagement -

Michael Jerome is from Annapolis, Maryland. He is a Chemistry major with minors in Human Development and Spanish. He is the Resident Advisor of the Leadership LLC dorm. As VPSE, he is responsible for ensuring a strong communication between ECOS and the Student Body. His committee works to inform the students with current projects, budgets, and events. He manages ECOS social media, website, posters, and logos. He enjoys collaborating and communicating with others in order to make the campus more inclusive for everyone. If you have any fun ideas or concern, feel free to reach out to him!

Saige Puryear (she/her)

Cultural Council Liaison -

Saige Puryear is a senior at Eckerd. She is an Anthropology major and a minor in International Relations. She plans to promote Eckerd's cultural clubs and make a more inclusive space for students to get involved. She loves exploring new places and trying new things. Her best word of advice is getting out of your comfort zone can be one of the most rewarding things someone can do!

Skyler Gionfriddo (she/her)

Chief of Staff -

Skyler Gionfriddo is a junior at Eckerd. She is an Animal Studies major with a Psychology and Music minor. She is the ECOS Chief of Staff so she is responsible for overseeing ECOS Cabinet positions and giving updates on them at weekly Executive Council meetings. She supports the president on organization, meetings, and projects as well as creating a student discount card. She has two pets who she loves more than anything: an English chocolate lab, Roxy, and a bearded dragon, Archie. She loves going on adventures with her friends and is always down to get tattoos.

Jordan Mallis (she/her)

Parliamentarian -

Jordan is a first-year transfer student at Eckerd. She is a double-major in Environmental Studies & Women's and Gender Studies. As Parliamentarian, she oversees club chartering and ensures the ECOS Constitution is followed and respected. She serves as a procedural consultant to the president and members of ECOS. Outside of ECOS, Jordan is passionate about advocacy and education through music and art.

Ashley Blake (she/her)

Recording Secretary -

The Recording Secretary takes minutes at all Senate, Executive Board, and Cabinet meetings. They maintain the Project Tracker for Senate, Executive Board, and Cabinet members. Documents will be kept organized and available to the public.